A G N E S   H A M E R L I K   is an interdisciplinary artist and designer born in Poland. With a Master’s Degree in European Literature, BFA in Fashion Studies, and a number of apprentices with master craftsmen; Hamerlik brings a variety of skills and life experience into her work.

Open to technological advances and multidisciplinary collaborations, Hamerlik is interested in forging new design synthesis; safeguarded by traditions. Intelligent design, dramatic silhouettes, complex luxury fabric manipulations, impeccable craftsmanship, unusual detailing, and elements of surprise define the collections of limited edition pieces. She has collaborated with the Art Institute of Chicago and various prestige galleries to exhibit her work nationally. Hamerlik’s collections have been showcased during Chicago Fashion Week, and most recently during New York Fashion Week in Lincoln Center.


Often referred to as unorthodox, forward, and experimental, the Agnes Hamerlik brand expresses creativity and poetry through an unfiltered rawness executed through reinvention, deconstruction, and metamorphosis. Opposed to accepted fashion and beauty standards, the collections revolve around the Japanese aesthetic of “wabi-sabi”; which focuses on a worldview centered on the acceptance of transience and the art of imperfection; learning to see the invisible. 

Ambiguity, decay, irregularity, asymmetry, purity; the garments crafted show the use of indulgent textile manipulation, the juxtaposition of oversized and modified shapes, and the portrayal of an aesthetic dedicated to finding opulence in the unconventional.

The Hamerlik brand advocates an individualistic style for all; inspiring a non-commercial flow of the connection between the body, material, and our identity.